How Do You Make Your Charity Event A Success? Hire Hog Roast Ashwell!

Hog Roast Ashwell spent our Saturday afternoon at a nearby golf course – but it wasn’t to work on our handicap! No, the real reason we were there was that some of the club’s members had rallied together to organise a charity event, and in the hopes of raising as much money and awareness as possible for their chosen cause, they had decided to open up the function to non-members as well.

Once word of the event began to circulate among the locals, everyone was keen to join in the fun, which meant the golfers were in desperate need of a reliable catering service to deliver a flavoursome menu that the guests wouldn’t be able to resist. And after reading just a handful of our testimonials and scrolling through some of the food pictures taken at our events, the clients quickly realised that Hog Roast Ashwell was exactly what they needed to pull off such an experience!

Hog Roast AshwellAfter going over all of the details with our catering manager, the club members eventually agreed on our Gourmet BBQ menu, as it offers a choice of four beautifully grilled meat options and a veggie/vegan side, making it an inclusive option for all ages and palates. It’s also one of our quickest menus to cook, and the style of the food makes it easy for guests to walk around and mingle while enjoying a hearty meal, which was exactly the kind of catering our clients were looking for.

Starting the day bright and early on Saturday, the Hog Roast Ashwell team arrived at the golf club, where they promptly set up our equipment under our catering gazebo. After a few hours of grilling the beef burgers, sausages, chicken kebabs, spareribs and vegetable skewers over a low flame and preparing the salad, coleslaw and chips, the guests began to flock – and their first stop, before anything else, was our serving station.

Once ladled with a plateful of juicy meat, rolls, light and refreshing salad and crispy fries, the guests wandered off to enjoy the different entertainment options that our clients had organised. Throughout the event, many of the guests returned to us for extra helpings, and some were so impressed that they even took home our business cards.

The event was fun for everyone involved and thankfully, the weather remained on its best behaviour all day, which meant the adults could enjoy their prosecco and BBQ in the sunshine, while the kids enjoyed the inflatable slide and mini-golf course.