Hog Roast Langham Anniversary Food Drop-Off

Hog Roast Langham recently had the pleasure of providing husband and wife of 15 years, Derek and Alison, with a luscious meal in honour of their crystal wedding anniversary.

Though the pair had initially shared big dreams for the occasion, in that they would have liked to have been able to celebrate the milestone event while surrounded by all of their favourite friends and family members, like many people this past year they were forced to put their party plans on hold for the time being.

So, instead of a physical meet up, the pair settled on the idea of a quiet night in with a romantic meal; and with their hearts set on a delicious hog roast, as a throwback to the original day all those years ago, the couple quickly set about finding the perfect pork-focused feast, which, of course, led them straight to Hog Roast Langham.

Our catering manager, Byron was sympathetic to Derek and Alison’s situation but promised to make their day feel just as special by serving them one of our irresistible, signature menus. Upon recommending our ever-popular, Private Party Menu 3 for the occasion, Byron had the couple looking forward to their anniversary once more.

Hog Roast LanghamBoasting a mouth-watering compilation of gourmet coleslaw, classic Caesar salad and expertly presented seasonal veg with perfectly seasoned, crispy potato wedges; centred by thick slices of slow-roasted juicy pork smothered in homemade applesauce, stuffing and served up on a soft, wholemeal bap with a side of crispy crackling, this classic feast offers a firework of complementary flavours that our guests thoroughly enjoy every single time.

Taking care to prepare the meal with absolute precision, Byron spent hours that afternoon lovingly cooking the pork butt over a low flame, which had been scored and rubbed with salt for a more flavoursome result. His efforts were well received, and the couple expressed their love of every mouthful.

In fact, Derek and Alison were so grateful to Hog Roast Langham for making their day feel special, that they have since been in touch to organise a post-lockdown celebration for the whole family!