Hog Roast Ashwell, Guaranteed To Cater Your Next Special Occasion In Style

Hog Roast Ashwell offers a great deal of choice and variety within our extensive menus, and that’s because we want everyone to be able to eat and enjoy what we make out of fresh, wholesome ingredients. They’re local and free-range where possible too, including the meat that we cook for you, for hours on end before we serve with a smile, and you really can taste the difference. When it comes to satisfying varying personal tastes, we work just as hard, and with dishes to suit you and your guests, whether that’s with one of our amazing hog roasts, a spit-roasted alternative like chicken turkey, lamb or beef, or with options for diets if needed.

Hog Roast AshwellIf you decide on a Hog Roast Ashwell hog roast centrepiece, we can serve in various ways, like as pigs in buns, where we add the freshly-cooked meat and crackling to floury wraps and rolls and then top with our own homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce, or you may prefer your meat, crackling and trimmings served alongside your choice of potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and all smothered in our onion gravy. You can add a side dish or two if you like, such as sweet potato fries, mac and cheese or coleslaw, and we have many more sides to select from too.

If you choose to feast on spit-roasted meat instead, just let us know your preference when you book, and just like with a hog roast, you can enjoy yours with rolls and wraps, or with salads on the side, or as a plated meal with veggies and potatoes. Whichever you choose, we can always add sides, starters, desserts or canapés if needed, as your menu is all up to you, as well considering your guests’ needs, so whatever that may be, we’ll do you proud.

We also have our very own standalones available – our Traditional Barbecue, Alfresco, Loaded Fries and Southern Slow Roast – for something a bit more unique to wow your guests with. Simply call Hog Roast Ashwell today to discuss your wants and needs and we’ll cater your next special occasion in style.