Hi both,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. The process itself from start to finish was great but a huge shout out to the chap who came on Saturday (and apologies, cannot remember his name exactly, Shivesh? Suresh?). In any case, he was brilliant. Arrived nice and early, was polite and friendly. Everyone thought he was great, he really got into the swing of things and put up with the kids endlessly wanted to come round to see the pig’s head! He also even spent a little bit of time with us in the party once all the food had been done (at our invitation, don’t want you to think he gatecrashed)!

He was clean and tidy, you’d not even know he had been there after he left.

We have absolutely loads of meat left over, not sure what to do with it all TBH 😊

Anyway, thanks once again. Great service and will have no hesitation in recommending in the future.