HI Byron,

Thank you for your kind email, and thank you SO MUCH for Saturday. You were so courteous, flexible, understanding and friendly – makes all the difference and is (almost!) as important as the food – so thank you. Especially grateful that you weren’t put out by us getting our timings wrong.

The food itself was outstanding. So many of our guests have commented on the quality and quantity. I have two 20-something nephews wo are notorious in our family for grading the food at family weddings. You got a ‘top food!’ from them! You would probably recognize them as they both came back for 2nds, 3rds…

We would very happily recommend you to friends and use you again ourselves. If we did so, I think the one thing we would ask is if there was anyway we could speed up service for you – through I’m guessing this was slowed down by COVID preventing us helping ourselves to sides. Wasn’t a  problem at all, as everyone was enjoying themselves and had had wedding cake and ice cream to keep them going!

So again, huge thanks, and we hope to use you again in the future.

Best wishes